WPMozo Wishlist for WooCommerce

Enhance your website’s functionality by adding a highly favorable feature that allows users to create personalized wishlists and save desired items for future purchases. WPMozo Wishlist Manager offers all the required options that make creating wishlists in WordPress fun and easy. Boost the level of user interactivity in your store by trying this WooCommerce wishlist plugin today.

The Ultimate WooCommerce Wishlist Solution

Explore the Exciting Features of Our Wishlist Plugin for WooCommerce

Multiple Wishlist

Create and manage multiple wishlists, allowing you to organize and categorize your desired items based on different themes, events, or interests.

Wishlist for Logged Out Users

Enable wishlist functionality even for users who are not logged in to their accounts, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience for all visitors.

Custom Text for Wishlist Button

Customize the text displayed on the wishlist button, allowing you to tailor it to your brand's voice and resonate with your audience.

Multiple Positions for Wishlist Button

Choose from multiple positions to display the wishlist button, providing flexibility and ensuring optimal visibility for your users

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